Due to our constant desire to improve, everything we are proud of was achieved on the back of innovation. This can arise from small or big ideas and each innovation is important for our development. Therefore, we believe in our employees and trust their motivation and creativity and the desire to improve the manufacturing procedures, working conditions, and quality offer. Simultaneously, we encourage them in all possible ways, through an internal system for proposals, named Sugi. The proposals can be submitted by anyone, independent of the type and grade of education or work and tasks they perform – this also applies to students that are on practicum at our company.


As a development partner and to strengthen creativity, innovation, and social responsibility of the company and co-create an effective and successful corporate environment, we are encouraging:

  • preparation of (joint) R&D projects for application to invitation to tenders and to acquire refundable and non-refundable funds, managing joint R&D and other strategic projects;
  • establishing a creative, innovative and corporate culture for employees;
  • connection between organisational units of the company and also with other organisations to achieve the complementary effects;
  • following developments and global business trends in the industry; and
  • risk management.