Giving Quality a Name

The Unior joint-stock company is proud of its tradition and international standing as a renowned development partner in the field of production, reforming, and working of metal on the one hand, and successful work in the field of tourism on the other.

We apply all our years of knowledge and experience in four different, interconnected areas: forging parts, hand tools, machine equipment, and tourism. The interwoven and complementary nature between various departments is one of our most important advantages, since it enriches our offering and the resulting high competitiveness opens the doors for us to demanding foreign markets and allows for the achievement of the planned development vision.

... a Well-Known Name

Years of tradition, reliability, and professionally qualified employees, state-of-the-art knowledge and technological solutions, high quality products and services, socially responsible operations and a modern marketing approach – all of these are our merits.

The above make it possible to have a widespread sales network with which we cultivate satisfaction and loyal customers, guests, and suppliers. This makes us proud of all who trust us:

  • the most prestigious representatives from the automotive industry, because we are a respectable and trustworthy partner to European companies and one of the largest global manufacturers of connecting rods and forgings for steering mechanisms of private cars;
  • professional and amateur experts that have been convinced by our quality, reliability, and the look of the wide range of our hand tools;
  • buyers of CNC machinery for serial working of aluminium mouldings or forgings;
  • numerous Slovenian and foreign guests, because we are a highly qualified and friendly provider of hospitality and leisure services.