Management Board

For the position of President of the board was appointed Mr. Darko Hrastnik on 29. 11. 2018 for a mandate from 31. 5. 2019 until 31. 5. 2024. As a member of the board Mr. Branko Bračko was appointed for a mandate from 15. 11. 2017 until 14. 11. 2022.

Company Unior d.d. is leaded by two members board with President of the board at the forefront and 12 managers:

  • Darko Hrastnik, President of the board
  • Branko Bračko,  Member of the board 
  • Danilo Lorger, Director of Hand Tools Programme 
  • Robert Ribič, Director of Forge Programme
  • Boštjan Leskovar,  Director of Special Machine Programme
  • MSc. Uroš Stropnik, Director of General Affairs
  • MSc. Bogdan Polanec, Director of the Financial Sector
  • Zlatko Zobovič, Director of Controlling
  • MSc. Boštjan Slapnik, Director of Purchase
  • Dani Kukovič, Director of Energy Sector
  • MSc. Marjan Adamič, Director of Maintenance Sector
  • MSc. Rok Planinšec, Director of Inf. Technology and Systems
  • Patricija Sedmak, Head of  internal audit service


The Corporate Governance Policy for UNIOR

The corporate policy

The contents of the document refers to UNIOR Kovaška industrija d.d. (hereinafter "UNIOR") and to the subsidiaries and associates forming the UNIOR Group together with the parent company. The document represents a commitment for the Supervisory Board, Management Board, executives, senior management and employees for current and future operations.