The Unior joint-stock company is actively involved in educational processes. We are very proud to offer our patronage to a Learning Centre UNIOR d.d. at the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School. Learning Centre was established in 1978 and is now one of the organisational units of the General Affairs Sector of the Unior joint-stock company. We give young people the knowledge needed to become a metalworker – tool maker, machine installation fitter, and machine technician, improving their employability. We offer them practical knowledge of the automation process, the treatment of metal and the testing of the mechanical properties of materials, which is invaluable experience for the students.

Beside the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in the context of our educational process, learners can additionally benefit from working in an actual learning environment with useful learning tools. Learning Centre thus enables candidates to learn about a specific profession and later on develop their professional competences within the company

The Unior joint-stock company, in collaboration with the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School, supports and stimulates training for occupations in short supply and offers practical learning for young people in the following technical programmes:

  • machine technician (STE- Secondary Technical Education),
  • metalworker – tool maker (VTE - Vocational-Technical Education), and
  • machine installation fitter (STE).

You can learn more about the activities of the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School at

Why is Learning Centre UNIOR d.d.such a success?

The Unior joint-stock company holds educational workshops in addition to practical training with the latest technological equipment

  • 3D DEA measuring machine for confirming dimensional and formal suitability for low-tolerance deviations,
  • FARO GAGE measuring arm for confirming dimensional and formal suitability for less precise deviations, 
  • Zwick/Roell device for measuring the mechanical characteristic of metal and non-metallic items,
  • Zoller device for pre-setting and shrink fitting cutting tools to ensure a high level of precision of treatment,
  • Mitutoyo measuring device for the surface characteristics of metal and non-metallic items,
  • modern, computer-controlled machine tools for turning and milling treatment processes,
  • computer-controlled NC Pegas Gonda saw for the more precise cutting of metal and non-metallic materials,
  • Opti GSM drilling machine for precise machine drilling and cutting threads with smaller and larger circumferences.
  • Modern welding aggregates including TIG/MIG/MAG/Arc welding processes,
  • processes of physical treatment including turning, milling, and grinding,
  • safe operation of travelling crane console.

Learning Centre UNIOR d.d. places the learning processes in a measuring room and workshop with modern equipment, with its own professional personnel and other important supporting processes. These allow us to focus on the targeted improvement of our vocational competencies:

  • education and training of our own personnel for the needs of the Unior joint-stock company, which are based on the acquisition of practical competencies of new employees and on expanding and deepening the professional knowledge of existing personnel;
  • research and development of mechanical treatment, research and development of 3D measuring using the coordinate measuring machine;
  • research and development of testing the mechanical characteristics of material, i.e. tension and pressure;
  • mentorship during mandatory internship, the so-called work-based training;
  • mentorship in the process of traineeship and pilot apprenticeship;
  • support for the production processes – taking advantage of the synergies for the internal needs of the Unior company.

We welcome all students and offer them:

  • Practical education and training in the field of machine engineering in an orderly, realistic learning work environment.
  • Constant professional and pedagogical support from experienced mentors.
  • Mandatory internship (work-based training) at Learning Centre UNIOR d.d. and/or in combination with other work units of the UNIOR company for candidates in secondary vocational, secondary technical and tertiary technical education.
  • Holiday work in the Learning Centre UNIOR d.d. and other work units of the UNIOR company.
  • The option of the cooperative teaching of professional modules – the transfer of professional modules from the educational institution to the company (individual learning agreement between the school, company and candidate).
  • Scholarships for occupations in short supply.
  • Co-funding of a hot meal (for students of the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School).
  • Participation in the social activities of the UNIOR company (students of the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School can meet our personnel and actively socialise with the UNIOR employees at the traditional Forging picnic in Rogla).
  • Professional help with papers, BA theses and other professional theses in the machine engineering field (for the scholarship holders and the students of the Zreče Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School.
  • Participation of the candidates’ parents or guardians in all work and learning processes in which the students, trainees and apprentices are involved and the option of conversation with the mentors regarding the candidates’ personal and professional progress (consultation hours).