"Satisfied, responsible, and motivated individuals and a strong, connected, and well-connected collective are the best insurance for future existence and progress of any company."

In Unior, consideration for our employees is intertwined with all our business plans. As the largest employer in the region and one of the largest employers in the country and as a business entity who has a large impact on life in the region, we are more than aware that investments into our employees do not reflect just our responsibility to our associates but also to our wider environment.

The Unior group employs 2,808 individuals, of which 1,953 in Slovenia. 70 % are men and 30 % are women. The average age of our employees is 43.4 years.We operate within various fields and the professional profiles of our associates reflect that variety. We employ machine technicians, metal moulders, electro engineers, electricians, cooks, waiters, and many other professions. This perspective reflects the rich variety of knowledge and competences of our people.

We strive for a creative, proactive, ambitious, and competent personnel, who will contribute to future growth and development of the company. We build our company’s success on long-term collaboration and good interpersonal relationships, which result in more effective work and better employee satisfaction. As such, we carefully plan the investments into our employees with scholarships, training, and education. We systematically ensure their health and safety, offer them many benefits, and constantly work on maintaining good interpersonal relations, and encourage their creativity and innovativeness.

Personnel development

At Unior, we feel responsible for our employees and gladly invest into their personal and professional development. Employment of new associates is always planned and they are carefully introduced to their work.

At the end of 2013, we also introduced the “Unior Business School” programme. The programme includes thematic workshop on leadership, communicating, motivating, managing people, teamwork, delegation of tasks, innovations and negotiations.

We are well aware that investments into good workers must start early, which is why we have been offering scholarships to high school and university students for over 40 years. In 2007, we were the largest and in 2011 and 2012 the second largest provider of scholarships in Slovenia. We give most of our scholarships to students studying for professions, where we need more personnel than is available on the market. We also implement programmes to develop and improve the competences of our employees to the highest possible level.

We do not acquire new knowledge only by employing already educated associates, but also actively participate in the process of education. We offer our patronage of a school workshop at The Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School Zreče. There, we give young people the practical knowledge needed to become a metal moulder – tool maker, machine installation fitter, and machine technician. We offer them practical knowledge of the automation process, treatment of metal and testing of mechanic properties of materials.

 Career in Unior  

Health and safety

No investment is too large when it comes to the health and safety of our employees. We pay special attention to workplace safety and constantly try to improve it. We also use various channels to regularly raise awareness among our associates and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We warn the workers of workplace dangers and remind them to take care of workplace safety.

The work and safety equipment is regularly inspected and any discovered shortcomings are remedied. The use of protective equipment and the tidiness of the workplace and the equipment are also monitored. We carefully implement fire safety measures and regularly implement preventive evacuation drills in case of fire or other exceptional events.

We’ve also developed a programme promoting safety and health at work. The programme includes treatment of work-related accidents, analysis of medical leaves, all important findings, risk assessments, and ergonomic assessment of work places, statutory and other requirements, technological aspects of individual work processes, and the reports and opinions of occupational medicine. Our efforts result in decreased medical leave time and in a significant decrease of work-related injuries.


Through our Unior Sports Club, we offer our employees many options for quality free time. They can choose holidays at very good prices in the climate tourist centre Rogla, in Preslje pri Starem trgu near the Kolpa River, or in Portorož and Biograd. Our employees and their children can also attend various recreational activities at discounted prices.

 Personnel benefits 

Creativity and innovativeness

Our success is based on innovations. However small or unimportant it might seem, every innovation can be of key importance for the company development.

Our employees are competent, driven, and creative. To heighten their innovativeness and desire to contribute as much as they can to a faster development and improved product quality of the Unior group, we developed a system of suggestions Sugi (suggestions for improvements). The aim of the system of suggestions is to improve manufacturing processes, ensure a comprehensive quality of the products, improve working conditions, and lower the costs. Suggestions can be entered by anyone, regardless of their field and level of education and regardless of their work and tasks, including the students and interns.