At Unior, we feel responsible for the career development of our employees. We put the most value on knowledge, initiative, and creativity, and we always encourage the personal development of our employees. Our goal is to ensure good working conditions and offer several options for education and training. It is of utmost importance for us that these contributions merge seamlessly with the work process – that our employees feel comfortable in their work environment and that the work process enables their personal and professional development and the realisation of their talents and competences.

We plan career development by employing new associates who are carefully introduced to their work. We encourage the personal and professional development of our associates with two-way discussions, annual interview, guided meetings, and the 360 degrees method. Unior does not acquire new knowledge only by employing new associates, but mostly by investing into an education and training system,  which ensure constant development of the already employed workers. We are especially proud of the Unior Business School, which we started implementing at the end of 2013.  Unior Business School includes specialised thematic workshops to improve the competences of our employees considering their level and their field of focus.


We plan career development with a special scholarship policy, which allows us to encourage studying for hospitality professions and engineering professions.

We are actively involved in the learning process and offer our patronage to a school workshop at The Upper Secondary Vocational and Technical School Zreče. There, we give young people the practical knowledge needed to become a metal moulder – tool maker, machine installation fitter, and machine technician. We offer them practical knowledge of the automation process, treatment of metal, and testing of mechanic properties of materials.

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In the future, Unior will face many new challenges which we hope to overcome with dynamic development and professional associates, who are the main criteria of success.