For Energy Consumers

As a local producer and distributor of thermal energy and electricity, we are focused on the reliable and stable supply of quality and low-cost energy products, seeking new methods for reducing energy consumption, improving process management, managing the consumption of energy products, strengthening production, selling thermal and electric energy, and developing new renewable sources.

By installing energy-efficient plants, raising awareness of employees, implementing new methods for more effective use of energy and using the best available technologies, we make it possible for Unior to constantly decrease specific energy consumption and be a reliable and environmentally friendly supply of heat, electricity, air conditioning, and natural gas.

We are working towards:

  • reducing specific use of energy by at least 8 % by 2022;
  • increasing production and sale of thermal and electric energy by 20 %;
  • reducing standstills in production due to energy-related causes by 20 %; and
  • in accordance with the regulations, to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 25 %.