Shareholders' representatives

Starting from July 5th, 2023, the Supervisory Board has commenced its operation, consisting of

Shareholders' representatives :

  • Katja Potočar, President
  • Marijan Penšek, Deputy
  • Tomaž Subotič, Member

Employees' representatives:

  • Saša Koren, Member
  • Milan Potočnik, Member

Shareholders' Committee 

Supervisory Board has established two committee, an audit committee and a personnel committee.

The members of personnel committee are:

  • ga. Katja Potočar, President
  • g. Tomaž Subotič - member
  • g. Marijan Penšek - member
  • g. Milan Potočnik - member

The members of audit committee are:

  • g. Tomaž Subotič - president
  • g. Marijan Penšek - member
  • ga. Saša Koren – member

External member of audit committee is:

  • Simon Čadež