Due to our constant desire to improve, everything we are proud of was achieved on the back of innovation. This can arise from small or big ideas and each innovation is important for our development. Therefore, we believe in our employees and trust their motivation and creativity and the desire to improve the manufacturing procedures, working conditions, and quality offer. Simultaneously, we encourage them in all possible ways, through an internal system for proposals, named Sugi. The proposals can be submitted by anyone, independent of the type and grade of education or work and tasks they perform – this also applies to students that are on practicum at our company.


As a development partner and to strengthen creativity, innovation, and social responsibility of the company and co-create an effective and successful corporate environment, we are encouraging:

  • preparation of (joint) R&D projects for application to invitation to tenders and to acquire refundable and non-refundable funds, managing joint R&D and other strategic projects;
  • establishing a creative, innovative and corporate culture for employees;
  • connection between organisational units of the company and also with other organisations to achieve the complementary effects;
  • following developments and global business trends in the industry; and
  • risk management.


In the scope of the PUBLIC TENDER “INCENTIVES FOR DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH PROJECTS 2”, the public limited company Unior is implementing the project Applied Research Support for the Development of Innovative Products (PARRIZ).

The RDI project is divided into two subprojects that are used to develop and produce two sets of products: (1) forging parts made from Al-alloys based on hot forming technology and (2) new hand tools. The project activities comprise five RDI phases: (a) development of the concept for the technologies and products, (b) development of the technology and products, (c) the introduction of the technologies and manufacture of prototypes, (d) the approval of prototypes and (e) product commercialisation. In the scope of the project, Unior is entitled to grants in the maximum amount of EUR 269,082.87.

The RDI project PARRIZ has been completely aligned with the aim, goals and subject of the public tender, since 

  1. 1. It promotes, strengthens and expands the research-development-innovation activity in the company, due to which new innovative products will be developed and put on the market in the next two years as a result of technological, organisational and methodological innovations;
  2. 2. It strengthens the competitiveness of UNIOR in the existing and new value chains as a pre-development supplier capable of a timely response to the wishes and requests of customers and buyers. The main emphasis will be on strengthening the key competencies of the company;
  3. 3. The investments in the RDI will be intensified according to the business plan for the medium term and the current favourable economic trends;
  4. 4. The newly developed products will enable the company to penetrate new markets and market niches, leading to the expansion of market potential in directions not yet explored with the aim of identifying opportunities for business development;
  5. 5. It involves the pursuit of medium-term business strategy mostly dealing with product differentiation and diversification; 
  6. 6. It refers to three priorities of Smart specialisation: (1) Mobility, (2) Factories of the Future and (3) The Development of Materials as End Products;
  7. 7. The RDI project goals will not only be to develop new products and put them on the market, but also to develop and introduce new production processes and modern technologies;
  8. 8. The RDI activities will be carried out within the research and development departments in the company, as well as in cooperation with external research organisations.

“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union's European Regional Development Fund”