We offer stimulating scholarships with the aim of having more scholarship-holders and development-oriented personnel.

We know that the path to knowledge must start early, which is why have been offering scholarships to high school and university students for over 40 years. We give most of our scholarships to students studying for professions, where we need more personnel than is available on the market. This allows us to create a basis of future workers and improve the social situation of the students’ families.

We offer scholarships and internship opportunities. Later on, we also offer employment opportunities for high school and university students, mainly in the fields of engineering and hospitality. We are focused on improvement of our personnel, resulting in excellence at work and the personal growth of each individual.

The scope of our collaboration with vocational schools and faculties also extends to professional excursions. This way, we give young people the opportunity to learn about the Unior


Every year, normally in June, we publish the calls for scholarships. High school and university students in the fields of engineering, mechatronics, and hospitality will have an advantage when applying for the company scholarship. Applications for company scholarships are available in our HR department and on our website. Applications for the school/academic year 2017/2018 will be accepted until 15 August 2017 and can be handed in to our HR department. For more information on company scholarships, please contact Anja Kamenik ([email protected]).

Mandatory internship, student work

We offer high school and university students the opportunity for mandatory internship and student work. This allows them to familiarise themselves with our work during the course of their studies. The calls for mandatory internship and student work are published throughout the year. The students can apply electronically.

Seminar Papers, Research Papers, Diploma Theses, and Master’s Theses

For secondary education and university students, we are making calls to write on topics that can be used for seminars, research papers, diploma and master’s theses. Upon agreement with our company, they can also decide on other topical and interesting subjects.