Unior marked the venerable 95th anniversary

published: News, For Media

On Sunday, 22nd of June, on a traditional Forging picnic, a joint-stock company Unior marked a 95 years of its existence. The employees of company Unior spent the day with colleagues, with families and retirees of the company in a sporting and relaxing atmosphere.

Mr. Hrastnik, chairman of the board has devoted special attention to all present, he addressed the participants and thanked them for the hard work and exceptional affiliation.

A mayor of Zreče, Msc. Boris Podvršnik, as a special guest and representative of local community also addressed the participants and handed an artwork as a gift and as a memory of this enviable anniversary to the chairman of the board.

In a spirit of long standing tradition of forging, the board of company Unior, chairman of the board Mr. Darko Hrastnik and member of the board Mr. Branko Bračko have hand-forged a horseshoe for good luck. With that they have symbolically marked the event and highlighted the positive, good, successful, creative and prosperous future of joint-stock company Unior.

Nine and a half decades is a successful story of forgers of hillsides Zreče in writing. From this a company Unior has arose as we know it today, distinguished by the relationship, trust, knowledge, diligence and curious creative spirit of employees. Finally, the employees are those who, through their work, knowledge and loyalty co-create the present and the future of the company.