We create our future together

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With a special week of creative collaboration Unior emphasized creativity and innovation for better future of company Unior. During new business plans we have emphasized, through several activities, a creative, constructive and collaborative thinking to generate greater added value to the company. We have also emphasized a networking between our company and local community.

We have granted awards and rewards to our best innovators of the business year 2014, on Friday 17th October.

On Friday, October 17, we have held the awards ceremony for our best innovators of 2014. We have hosted Dr. Lučko Kajfeš Bogataj, ambassador of the fight against climate change. She shared her contribution about climate change and innovation, which is essential for development, especially for Tourism program of company Unior.

In the week of creative collaboration and innovation our employees had the opportunity to test electric car Peugeot iOn, property of the “Development agency of Savinja region”.

School students of engineering from Middle technical and vocational school Zreče were thinking about the advantages of the electric car.

School students of gastronomic and tourist programm from Middle technical and vocational school Zreče were creating new flavors in Spa Zreče.

The boys from kindergarten Zreče measured the voltage in series connection elements, in our case of lemons.