Unior d.d. increased its ownership interest to 100% in Unior Vinkovci.

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The company UniorVinkovci, renamed from Croatian Unidal, represents an important strategic investment for the Unior Group. The available spatial capacities in the company Unior Vinkovci offer a possibility for further growth, which is becoming of key importance in meeting the increasing needs of customers. Therefore, the company Unior d.d. decided to increase its ownership interest to 100%, thus becoming the only owner.

In 2017, production in the company Unior Vinkovci represented as much as 13% of all the forgings that the company Unior d.d. exported to the most demanding customers in the automotive industry. In 2017, production exceeded 4,000 tons a year for the first time and opened a path for this year’s 30% growth.

The beginning of the company Unior Vinkovci dates back to 1923 when a forge for the production of agricultural tools was founded in Vinkovci, Croatia. Since 1963, the forge has been working as the production unit within the company Dalekovod, d.d. Zagreb for the production of assemblies and connecting parts of pylons for electrical power lines.


In 2004, aspiration for the expansion and modernization of the forge arose in Unior.
Unior then looked into the possibilities for the expansion of its production capacities for the production of forgings due to the space limitation for forging in Zreče. On 31 December 2004, a mixed company called UNIDAL, d.o.o. was formed. The company was named with first three letters of both founders (UNIor and DALekovod). The newly established company mainly focused on the production of steering parts for automobiles of world-renowned brands, and also maintained the production of parts for electric power lines. At the beginning, Dalekovod, d.d. owned a 50.54 % share of Unidal and Unior d.d. owneda 49.46 % share. With additional investments, Unior’sownership interests increased to 55.35 %.

From the initial 397 tons in 2005, the production of forgings for Unior increased to 3,762 tons in 2017, representing 13 % of all forgings exported to the most demanding customers in the automotive industry by the company Unior d.d.

The Uniorcompanydecided to increase its ownership interest to 100% in the company Unidal, thus, becoming the company’s only owner. Therefore, due to increased recognisability and using the good name of the UNIOR brand, the company Unior renamed the company UNIOR VINKOVCI, d.o.o.
Since its ownership entrance to the company, Unior has invested a lot of effort, time and resources and has been successfully transferring the technology of the most demanding forging to Unidal. The progress from the perspective of quality, productivity, technological equipment and the quality system has been significant since 2005. The forge in Vinkovci is of strategic importance for the company Unior d.d., since its spatial capacities offer the possibility of increasing capacities to 8,000 tons of annual production, which is becoming of key importance in meeting the increasing needs of the customers.

Customer orders arising from long-term contracts and new development projects in the field of forgings for the automotive industry ensure that the production capacities in the company Vinkovci will be fully utilized in the future as well.