The UniorJoint-Stock Company Receives the A-class Certificate of Credit Rating Excellence

published: News, For Media

In March 2018, the Unior joint-stock company received the A-class certificate of credit rating excellence awarded by the analytical company Bisnode, the largest partner of the credit rating company Dun&Bradstreet, which performs financial analyses of companies as part of an international project and has many years of experience in awarding credit rating excellence certificates in 18 European countries.

The credit rating of excellence represents an above-average rating of economic operators. It is based on the companies’ accounts for the previous financial year and it predicts the safety of their operations for the following twelve months. According to the analyses for 2017,UNIOR d.d. falls among the top 12.5 % of the best economic businesses in Slovenia and therefore belongs in the higher A-class. Of all the 167,703 registered companies in Slovenia, only 21,005 achieved credit rating excellence in 2017.

Companies that demonstrate credit rating excellence represent the most reliable, credible and low-risk businesses for cooperation with all business partners, clients, customers and suppliers, as well as insurance companies, banks and others. The certificate is acknowledged and recognisable across Europe. The business operation of companies with credit rating excellence is above-average, which means that in the previous year, our company was an above-average paying company and our accounts were never blocked.At the same time, this certificate predicts high business security in the next twelve months of operation.

By obtaining the A-class certificate of credit rating excellence awarded by the Bisnode analytical company, theUnior joint-stock company additionally strengthened its reputation in the international environment,as well as its trustworthiness in the domestic and foreign business environments.