Reaching the leading position of CRANKSHAFT processing by using an optimum machining concept

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Unior's Special Machines programme has once again won the new project for processing of Crankshaft for its customer – VW Silao, Mexico. With this new project it is further strengthening the position of Unior's machines in the area of machining crankshafts and within the VW Group (Unior Special Machines is already the exclusive supplier of machining equipment for processing crankshafts for Audi engines).

With modern machine concepts, which are the result of our own development, constant improvements and cooperation with customer as well as including their expectations, Unior has become one of leading companies offering this kind of processing. In order to meet the high expectations of customers, the continuous improvement of machines is carried out, which is ensured by many years of experience in this field and by incorporating state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which are the result of our own development.

The main competitive advantages of Unior's concepts of crankshaft machining are:
- Stability of the process, which is ensured by the optimal dimensioning of the mechanics
- Compact design and thus minimal space requirement
- High productivity with multitrack processing
- Unification of concepts of machines for different processing phases and therefore optimising maintenance costs
- Ease of loading and unloading the machine with unification of concepts
- Adaptability to the various drilling technologies used by the customer
- Short delivery term achieved by standardisation of machines.

One of the main technological guidelines of Unior is to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of crankshaft processing machines in the field of engines for passenger cars and trucks.