Petrol and Unior with a new investment in the Zreče heating system

published: News, For Media

On Thursday, 31 May 2018, the opening of the renewed boiler station, which produces district heat for the needs of heating of the UNITUR d.o.o. spa and Zreče town centre, was held in Zreče, Kotlarna Dobrava, under the ownership of Unior d.d.. Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Unior d.d. jointly invested in a complete renovation of the heating plant.The total value of the investment, of which the contractual partners Unior d.d. and Petrol d.d, Ljubljana covered 50% each, amounts to EUR 590,000.

In order to increase the reliability of the district heat supply and to ensure the efficient use of energy in 2017, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Uniord.d. planneda complete renovation of KotlarnaDobrava. The renovation plan included the installation of two highly efficient gas boilers of 1,200 kW and 2,700 kW and a 391 kW cogeneration plant for the provision of heat and power. The new cogeneration plant will operate throughout the year, while the existing one of 637 kW power will operate only during the heating season. The project was completed in April 2018 with the successful completion of the cogeneration engine start-up.

By modernizing thermal energy production sources and installing a high-efficiency cogeneration plant for the provision of heat and power, the contractual partners increased the efficiency of the system and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.Furthermore, the customers now have a long-term, reliable, safe and competitive district heat supply

In the project, particular emphasis was placed on integrating production aggregates into the state-of-the-art technical information system developed by Petrol d.d., Ljubljana. The system implemented complete automation of the operation of aggregates and devices in the KotlarnaDobrava facility, representing the first step in establishing a smart infrastructure within the district heat system in the Municipality of Zreče.
Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Uniord.d. have been successfully cooperating in the energy field for many years and have successfully completed eight projects in the context of energy contracting in recent years. Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Uniord.d. have plans for future successful business cooperation in the form ofnew energy projects.These projectswill be realized in the coming years, based on co-investments of both partners and are already being prepared.

In his speech, mag. Rok Vodnik, member of the Management Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana expressed his satisfaction upon the successful implementation of the project: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our long-standing partner Uniord.d., with which we have implemented numerous cutting-edge projects. We have already drawn up new projects, within which we will follow the set common goals. With the renovation of KotlarnaDobrava, we have increased the reliability of the supply of district heating and contributed to the reduction of the carbon footprint.”

At the event, Branko Bračko, member of the Management Board of the joint stock company Unior, highlighted the importance of introducing new, more environmentally friendly technologies for more efficient energy use.
“With this new investment, we will reduce losses in the boiler station and increase the security of supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus ensure, in the long term, the production of heat and electricity in an environmentally friendly manner for almost 500 households and business users in Zreče. Furthermore, we will also provide thermal energy to our biggest provider of tourist services Unitur d.o.o.”